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Pet Sitting, Cape Coral, Fl

My name is Gail Fields.  I am the sole owner/operator of AAA Pet & House Sitting LLC

My name is Gail Fields.  I am the sole owner/operator of AAA Pet & House Sitting, LLC.  I am incorporated in the State of Florida.  I am licensed in the City of Cape Coral, and carry insurance. My goal is to help your pet feel safe and loved while you are away.  I offer sitting for one family at a time, which I feel is unique. 

I attended the University of Missouri, Kansas City.  I obtained a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Accounting/Finance.  I worked in the private sector as a cost accountant for 25 years before retiring to Florida.  I raised three wonderful children, two sons and a daughter.  My children are all pet lovers too!  I have four awesome grandchildren!  I have lived in Cape Coral since 2010.  I love living in the tropics and all that 300+ days of sunshine has to offer.

I was active as a foster mom with a German Shepherd Rescue Group in Kansas City.  I helped train and socialize dogs so that they could be adopted into their "forever homes."  I helped potty train dogs, and taught them basic commands such as sit, stay, and down.  I took them for long walks, and to parks, and even shopping at Lowes.  This helped them understand what was expected of them, and in turn, seemed to help them grow more confident and calm.  The most rewarding part of rescue work was seeing the dogs become more "well rounded" and adopted by wonderful families. I believe the most effective way to train a dog is with treats and patience.  I am available to help families train their dogs if needed.

I found rescue work so rewarding, that I decided to become a pet sitter in the City of Cape Coral.  I am very experienced and comfortable with dogs.  I have owned dogs all my life.  I have also had cats, canaries and aquariums.  I have never had a pet that I didn't enjoy.  I LOVE ALL ANIMALS!!  I have posted photos of some of the pets that I have sat for.  There is a photo of a Sugar Glider and Bearded Dragon, along with many dogs and cats.

I offer many types of PET SITTING Services including Dog Sitting, Cat Sitting, Bird Sitting, Fish and Reptile Sitting, along with Exotic pet sitting...

I will board dogs in my home, or come to your home for pet sitting. I keep dog beds in my home.  I will ask that you bring your dog bed (if you prefer), blanket, or kennel, whatever your dog is most comfortable with.  I also ask that you bring at least one of your dogs favorite toys.  I believe that dogs do best if they have some of their belongings in my home with their own smell.  I ask that you bring your dog food and treats.  In my opinion, it is best to keep dogs on their regular diet when your are away, to avoid any digestion problems from introducing new foods.  I do allow dogs on my furniture if that is what they are accustomed to.  I do not sleep with dogs, but do bring their beds into my bedroom at night. 

I exercise dogs that I board with walks in the early morning and late evening before sunset, when it is most cool.  I find that dogs seems to be more relaxed if they are exercised.  I believe that it takes their mind off their missing owners, and gives them something to be excited about.  I've never met a dog yet that did not enjoy getting outdoors and smelling new scents!  You can advise me if you do not want your dog walked.

I require your veterinarian information if you are boarding your dog in my home.  I have a form for you to fill out, giving me your vet information, feeding instructions, and listing of medication(s) if needed.  The veterinarian information is in the case that your dog should become ill while you are away.  I have never had to take a dog to the vet due to sickness or an accidental injury under my care, but I believe it is best to be prepared.

I prefer to come to your home for all other types of pet sitting other than dogs.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  You can find my contact information on the CONTACT Page. 

Pet Sitting Service prices are listed on the Dog Sitting and Cat Sitting pages. 

Dog Training information and prices are listed separately on the Dog Training page.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Gail Fields